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Stratton Mountain Village, Stratton, VT

Site plan for a new town development located at the base of the Stratton Mountain ski area creating a hotel, condominium, townhouse, and retail development around a new main street, town square and town common in the spirit of traditional New England towns.

Stratton Mountain Village, Stratton, VT

The individual townhouse design is derived in part from local New England house and barn construction. The post and beam gridded structure establishes the basic spatial order of the house while a prefabricated silo dome (objet trouvé) with a cupola skylight in the main living space centralizes the house. Reference to the grand aspirational tradition of the Greek Revival period is made by use of the small window inserted in the cornice and operable shutters on the upper story.  

The building type was devised to be compact, casual and cabin-like with three basic bedrooms, two baths, essential laundry, and loft-like additional sleeping spaces for miscellaneous guests and children.

View of townhouse entry court. The town common, is at the left

Typical section

Typical first floor plan

Typical second floor plan

The individual townhouses form a continuous undulating redants street wall that surrounds and defines the public Town Common, a New England spatial type distinct from the town square.  Entry to each dwelling is via a collective group social space while the rear of each house has a sequestered private view to the natural landscape beyond. 

Floor plan at internal corner of entry space

Floor plan at external corner

Plan, section, and elevation of the typical townhouses

Aerial view of the proposal looking back toward the mountain and ski lift area with the townhouses organized around the Town Common in the foreground. The landscaped park peripherally extends and expands the formal structure of the built elements and provides multiple routes both internal and external connecting all programmatic pieces. The complex interweaving of both a town/urban condition with an open rural/natural experience is designed to create a uniqueness of place.   

Axonometric drawing shows Main Street connecting Town Square at bottom to a new hotel/inn at the far end of the street. The finite dimension of the compressed street space is intended to establish an intense place for social interaction in bars, restaurants and shops. The continuous arcaded street facade to the right gives entry into a complex spatial matrix of programs within the new town.  The perforated side of the street to the left allows public access downhill to landscaped park spaces and expansive views of the Vermont countryside.

Site and Master Plan,  100 acres, 1979

Stratton Mountain Corporation


The proposed new village extends from the ski lifts, existing parking, and Newcomb Tennis Center, which along with several free standing detached structures, are the only existing elements on the site. The primary entry road arrives in the new Town Square, which serves as the distribution point to a resort hotel and conference center up the hill (bottom of plan), Main Street and the entry to the townhouses to the left.